How to Dispose of Used Tires in BC: Your Guide to Hassle-Free Removal

How to Dispose of Used Tires in BC
How to Dispose of Used Tires in BC

If you’re a resident of beautiful British Columbia, chances are you’ve come across the challenge of disposing of used tires. With environmental regulations and limited options for tire disposal, it can be a daunting task to handle on your own. That’s where Simple Junk, your local junk removal experts, come in to save the day. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of properly disposing of used tires in BC, and we’ll also highlight the advantages of choosing a professional junk removal company like Simple Junk over the DIY route.

Why Choose Simple Junk for Tire Disposal?

  1. Convenience: When it comes to tire disposal, convenience is key. By hiring Simple Junk, you eliminate the hassle of figuring out where and how to dispose of your used tires. Our team will handle the entire process, from pickup to proper disposal, saving you time and effort.
  2. Compliance with Environmental Regulations: Improperly disposing of tires can harm the environment and result in hefty fines. Simple Junk is well-versed in the regulations governing tire disposal in BC. We ensure that your used tires are recycled or disposed of responsibly, keeping you compliant and minimizing your environmental impact.
  3. Safety First: Dealing with used tires can be physically demanding and potentially dangerous if not handled properly. Simple Junk’s trained professionals have the experience and equipment to safely handle and transport tires, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries.
  4. Cost-Effective Solution: While you may think that handling tire disposal yourself saves money, the reality is that it often involves additional costs. DIY options like renting a truck or trailer, paying landfill fees, and fuel expenses can quickly add up. Simple Junk offers transparent pricing and efficient services, saving you money in the long run.
  5. Expertise in Junk Removal: Simple Junk is not just limited to tire disposal. As a comprehensive junk removal company, we can handle all types of unwanted items, from furniture to electronics, yard waste to construction debris. By booking our services, you can declutter your space while leaving the heavy lifting and proper disposal to the professionals.

How to Dispose of Used Tires in BC:

Now that we’ve covered the benefits of choosing Simple Junk for your tire disposal needs, let’s dive into the process of disposing of used tires in British Columbia:

  1. Local Recycling Facilities: BC has several authorized tire recycling facilities across the province. These facilities accept used tires and ensure they are properly recycled or disposed of. Contact your local recycling center to inquire about their specific requirements and drop-off locations.
  2. Tire Retailers: Many tire retailers in BC accept used tires for recycling when you purchase new ones. This provides a convenient option for getting rid of your old tires while ensuring proper disposal.
  3. Municipal Tire Collection Programs: Some municipalities in BC offer tire collection events or ongoing programs to collect used tires. Check with your local government or waste management department to see if such services are available in your area.
  4. Simple Junk: The simplest and most hassle-free option is to contact Simple Junk for tire removal. With our prompt and reliable service, we’ll handle the pickup, transport, and disposal of your used tires, ensuring they are taken care of responsibly.


  • Q1: Are there any fees associated with tire disposal in BC?
    • A: Yes, depending on the method of disposal, there may be fees involved. Landfills typically charge a fee for tire disposal. However, some recycling facilities and tire retailers may accept used tires free of charge. Simple Junk provides transparent pricing, including any applicable disposal fees, so you know what to expect.
  • Q2: Can I reuse or donate my used tires?
    • A: While reusing or donating used tires may be an option in some cases, it’s important to note that there are legal and safety considerations. Contact Simple Junk to discuss your specific situation and explore possible alternatives to disposal.
  • Q3: How can I schedule tire removal with Simple Junk?
    • A: Scheduling tire removal with Simple Junk is quick and easy. Call us at (604) 814-6201 or visit our website,, to fill out the Instant Booking form. Our friendly team will be happy to assist you and provide a convenient appointment for your tire removal needs.


Disposing of used tires in BC doesn’t have to be a tiresome task. With Simple Junk’s professional junk removal services, you can effortlessly and responsibly get rid of your old tires while enjoying the numerous benefits of hiring a reliable and eco-friendly company. Say goodbye to stress and hello to a clutter-free space by contacting Simple Junk today!

Call Simple Junk at (604) 814-6201 or visit to schedule your tire removal appointment. Let us handle the heavy lifting and proper disposal, so you can focus on what matters most.